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Our machines are very good and have passed all tests in order to produce final good products

Our Strategy

Since minute 1 we are by your side to help and to advise you based on our knowledge. Each client have specific and tailored solution.

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One more commodity to supply clients needs

Ibero Premium based on our experience will be able to supply also the raw materials that will be needed to produce the masks.
For now we are focus on FFP2 model

New business area

Due the Covid times, Ibero Premium decided to diversify the business and establish new partnerships with reliable producers of mask machine complete line production. For now we are focus on FFP2 model.We chose the partners that will have to follow our high demanding standards.

Our Services


We will take care and manage all buying process and we can deliver at client's door.


All process is carefully planned and communicated to the client at all the time.


All documentation process will be our concern.


We can be envolved on the process of certification of masks



Masks Line Production Machines


Masks Packaging Machines


Spun Bond, Melblown, Ear Loop, Nose wire


Protective Gloves


Digital Thermometer


Protection Masks

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do we have to pay to receive a plan proposal?

This stage it's completely free of charges. All clients have the right know exactly what is our proposal without have any cost to that.

Apart from the proposal, can Ibero Premium helpon the facilities design and advise?

Yes we have specialized team that can help on that phasis also.

How long it will take to deliver goods?

This will depend on the goods. Machinery at this moment is taking longer as there is a very high demand for that products. Also there is the certification phase that we advise to do prior to load. So since the begining I would have to count with 4 months and once everything it's aprroved, I would say 2 months more. So in total approx 6 months in total.

The machines have warranty?

Yes as it shoud be with all equipments and machines.


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